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Malston Mill Farm Diary

March 2017

The first two months of 2017 have been very tiring. The lake project has been much bigger than we thought and sometimes very difficult working conditions, however the light is at the end of the tunnel and we now have planted all the new beds, siltexed the waters to benefit the fish and their environment. Hopefully on spawning the fry will have a much better change of survivial. Thank you Robin for encouraging us to do the work and to David Lidston & David Kerr for their invaluable advice.

Happy fish, happy fishing.


Bookings are coming in early this year so if you have a date in mind please do not leave it too late. The smaller cottages are already fairly full, if the week you want is gone please contact me and I will probably be able to offer you a larger cottage at Waterfall cottage price. Please visit our availability calendar or email me (Linda) with your enquiry.

Rememeber we offer so much more than just a cottage, a wonderful holiday experience in the most beautiful location.


Our new Great Dane puppy, he was described by his breeder as a larger than life character so we have called him Boris. He is very friendly and loves meeting the guests. Training is still our priority at the moment and he is making progress thought sometimes still has other ideas to mine! One year old this month.


We have decided to go ahead with the zip wire, have mentioned this in the past but back down because of insurance, I note that they are now everywhere so we felt it would be additional fun for the children up by the tree house. Should be available by Easter but do not quote me as we are still busy with the lake job!!


The gardens are really keeping us busy as usual, the green house is already filling up and I will be planting on the Autumn sown seedlings and moving them to the poly tunnel to bring them on ready for planting out. Seed sowing is my pleasure and I have plenty to sow. We should have so much colour in the garden this year.


As well as the lake maintenance the paint brushes are also in use, three cottages down and 3 to go. We always try to refurbish where needed. It is a very busy time of the year, I know you think we put our feet up in the winter!! Now it is Spring there are even less hours in a day.


Malston Mill Farm is also on facebook, why not visit and 'like us' so you can keep up to date with what is going on.




Have added a few pictures to remind us of the fun we have at our weekly BBQ evening.








The gardens were pretty amazing during 2016 and I hope with all the plans going around my head that they will be equally good during 2017.


The circular garden with its spectrum of colours gives colour from May to October. Many call it the secret garden, which you just happen to chance upon when walking around the lake.


The terraces with the addition of more roses, as well as geraniums, iris, sweet williams and foxgloves is very English summer garden and the garden, which was created with the flood defence bed (well some good had to come out of it), flowers well from June to Winter with grasses, Heleniums, Achillea, day lilies, many annuals and other perennials.

The bog garden on the edge of the stream puts on a good show June time with the many candelabra primulas.


Banana plant in the hotbed with day lilies, dahlias, ginger plants, cannas and bamboo give a very tropical feel.


Have included a few pictures from throughout the seasons as a reminder of how lovely the gardens have been and how stunning Malston Mill Farm is. Do come and see for yourselves there is so much more to see.























Have restocked the lake with another 45 carp 5lb to 7lb. This is in addition to the 2x 20lb and 10 to 12lb carp restocked last year.


Largest fish out this year so far is 18 lb 10oz. But largest caught previous year was 25lb so he must be a little larger by now.


Visit our new website for many more pictures of fish caught in the lake. Also the fishing page on this website.


As well the large carp there are plenty of 3 -5lb carp for the novice, as well as rudd roach, tench and small trout. Many children have caught their first ever fish at Malston Mill too. Tony is only too pleased to offer advise and set you up for the day, you do need to bring your own tackle.


Whatever your experience I cannot think of a more beautiful location to just sit and relax whilst waiting for that line to go.





Malston Mill Event Diary


Malston Mill Event Diary










Always changing with the seasons, from the Egyptian geese visiting us on and off, the occasional canada geese (we did have over 100 in 2013 which was of major concern but have learn't how to ask them to leave, politely, now down to two as I said occasionally). Morehens and ducks with the chicks. Also had a couple of swans stop by during 2015 just to break their journey. The kingfisher can be seen if you are a lert and quick, I am still after 31 years trying to get that picture. A merganser (a diving goose) and a pair of pochared were here in February this year.


We have our own chicken so fresh eggs are available most of the time.


The wild garden has been full of cowlsips this spring alongside daffodils and fritillarea with a few bluebells which are slowly spreading. I am amazed and delighted to see so many different types of butterflies in such a small area, could sit a watch for ages, if only I had the time.


Lots of badger activity down the lane.


There has been quite a few programmes on T.V regarding the universe which has brought my attention to how lucky we are to live in an area with hardly any light pollution. The skies at night are quite stunning, I have bought my self an educational course to learn more about the sky at night. Hope to be able to share my new found knowledge with you that is when I get the time to study. At present I can find The plough (Ursa Major) and Orion but other than that the stars are clusters of pure beauty. Steve bought his telescope on holiday with him and I was shown Saturn, quite amazing.


This could be you feeding the ducks or having a row across the lake, why not come and enjoy the tranquillity. Which reminds me of the following:-

Read this in a newspaper and thought yes this applies to Malston Mill. What they say are the top 10 signs of tranquillity. We offer nine of them.

1. Seeing a natural landscape,

2. Hearing birdsong,

3. Hearing peace and quiet,

4. Seeing the stars at night,

5. Seeing streams,

6. Hearing natural sounds,

7. Hearing wildlife,

8. Hearing running water,

9. Seeing natural woodland.

The one we are missing is seeing the sea and we are not far away from doing that.

Do come and visit us we would love to share it with you.












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